IT’S FINALLY TIME FOR HYDROGEN – A Rapid Decarbonization Strategy

The recent opening of Oceanit’s Hydrogen Hub test laboratory, H2XCEL, at newly expanded facilities in Houston, Texas, was covered in media outlets in the Houston energy space.

PRESS RELEASE | H2XCEL: Accelerating Hydrogen to Slow Climate Impact

Accelerating Hydrogen to Slow Climate Impact: One-of-a-Kind Hydrogen Hub Test Laboratory Opens to Quicken Global Energy Transition

IN THE NEWS | Hydrogen Blending Can Reduce CO2 Emissions – Hydrogen Fuel News

An article by Oceanit’s Dr. Vinod Veedu about the potentials of Hydrogen was recently featured in the energy sector publication, Shale Magazine.

Hydrogen is Finally Having its Moment By Dr. Vinod Veedu

In a recent article, Hydrogen Fuel News spoke to AES Corporation CEO, Andrés Gluski on how the global energy transition can make tangible progress via the blending of hydrogen (H2) with natural gas.

Chasing the Pipe Dream: Existing Pipelines Networks for Hydrogen Fuel Transportation

The Society of Petroleum Engineers recently held its Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) 2022, concluding on November 3rd. The event featured important new hydrogen technologies that may help accelerate the global energy transformation to a decarbonized future.

The Next Energy Pipe Dream: Hydrogen in Natural Gas Pipelines

A critical milestone in the path to a net zero carbon future is known as the ‘20% hydrogen’ goal. As hydrogen is the only clean burning fuel with zero carbon emissions that can be blended with existing fuel for combustion with minimal change to existing combustion infrastructure. 20% refers to the blending of hydrogen with natural gas to reduce overall carbon emissions.

Oceanit Partners with Hawaiʻi Gas and U.S. Department of Energy to Pilot Breakthrough Technology to Safely Transport Hydrogen Through U.S. Natural Gas Infrastructure

In a joint statement Oceanit and Hawaiʻi Gas announced a new collaboration to pilot Oceanit’s HydroPel technology with Hawaiʻi Gas’ 1,100 miles of pipeline network that accommodates a mix of natural gas and up to 15% hydrogen – more utility hydrogen than any other gas utility company in the United States.

PRESS RELEASE | DOE Backs Oceanit to Produce HydroPel and Enable Clean Hydrogen Transmission Through the Nation’s Natural Gas Infrastructure

Oceanit received renewed support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the development of HydroPel, a technology that is helping to establish a foundation for clean hydrogen (H2) in Hawai’i and across the United States. Hydrogen, while the simplest element in the periodic table, is regarded as a critical part of addressing the world’s biggest generational challenge: climate change.

Hawaii-Based Oceanit to Bring Sweeping Disruptive Innovation to Houston, Global Energy Transformation

Oceanit, the energy and climate innovator, announced the launch of its EDGE (Energy & Decarbonization for the Global Environment) in-house incubator, coinciding with the Offshore Technology conference (OTC2022). Energy efficiency, hydrogen tech, and decarbonization are among the top EDGE priorities.

PRESS RELEASE | Oceanit Selected to Innovate on Hydrogen Transportation Safety

The U.S. Department of Energy selected Oceanit to develop advanced sensing to manage risk of transporting H2 in natural gas blends. Most current monitoring technologies for natural gas composition do not include H2, making it very challenging for utilities and industry to manage blending hydrogen at large scale.