Chasing the Pipe Dream: Existing Pipelines Networks for Hydrogen Fuel Transportation

Abu Dhabi, UAE | The Society of Petroleum Engineers recently held its Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) 2022, concluding on November 3rd. The event featured important new hydrogen technologies that may help accelerate the global energy transformation to a decarbonized future. Oceanit, a Hawaii USA-based innovation company, unveiled a novel nanotechnology called ‘HydroPel’ in a presentation on ‘Achieving Decarbonization Through the Transformation of Existing Pipelines for Hydrogen-Methane Blends’.

Hydrogen is regarded as the fuel of the future, but experts believe that to scale an H2 transformation, hydrogen must be readily transported via pipelines, just as natural gas is today. However, moving vast amounts of clean-burning H2 in pipelines presents a unique risk: hydrogen embrittlement.

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