Our Partnership with Hawaii gas

HydroPel's polymeric formulation designed for application to a wide variety of metllic surfaces, creating a superior functional surface through advanced nanotechnology.

In October 2022, Oceanit and Hawaiʻi Gas announced a new collaboration to deploy HydroPel with Hawaiʻi Gas’s network of pipelines that accommodate a mix of natural gas and up to 20% hydrogen – more utility hydrogen than any other gas utility company in the United States.

The partnership with Oceanit has to do with new technology for transforming pipelines that carry natural gas right now, to be better prepared for carrying a blend of natural gas and hydrogen. The reason Oceanit is partnering with Hawaii Gas is because we’ve been the only utility in the country to blend hydrogen with natural gas for utility gas distribution for almost 50 years now. There are a lot of companies on the Mainland interested in doing this.

-Hawaii Gas Vice President of Operations Kevin M. Nishimura